How to earn money from Instagram as a freelancer

How to earn money from Instagram as a freelancer

The gig economy is a novel idea that has emerged as a result of the increase of freelancers. In freelancing, a person works for various customers on his or her own terms and at a rate he/she feels is fair, rather than working full-time for one company and receiving predetermined pay in exchange.

A freelancing career is a highly rewarding and desirable career for many people. If you’ve ever considered freelancing as a career option, then this article is for you. You will learn how to become a freelancer and how you can earn money on Instagram as an influencer.

In this article, you will discover what freelancing entails, and the various ways you can earn money as a freelancer on Instagram.

What is freelancing?

The term “freelancing” is used to describe a vocation in which an individual works for oneself and is employed on a project-by-project basis by various organizations.

Freelance occupations have become increasingly popular as a desirable and worthwhile career choice as the corporate world has evolved and changed over the past few years.

Freelancing on Instagram

Social media apps are the new money-making platforms for freelancers in the world, and because it is accessible to everyone and anyone there are no limits to what you can do and how much you can earn on any of these platforms. One of these money-making social media is Instagram.

Instagram just reached 1 billion active members, making it one of the social media networks with the quickest rate of expansion. From being a straightforward photo-sharing platform, it has developed into an essential marketing tool used by influencers, freelancers, and companies of all sizes to interact with their target markets.

Instagram is real and people are making a whole lot of money on it. The Amala-loving Tobi is compensated for finishing his dish and writing reviews of restaurants he visited. Tomike is paid for influencing brands she believes so much in and loves to use. The opportunities for freelancers are also limitless on this app.

How to earn as a freelancer on Instagram

Some of the ways you can make money on Instagram include:

Become a social media content strategist:

You can profit from your design and marketing abilities on Instagram by creating original visual material to monetize for each account. This entails designing a profile picture, writing a captivating bio, designing Instagram Stories, and writing Instagram posts for a brand. On Instagram, a content and design specialist may get an average yearly salary of 500,000 naira.

Write catchy copies for brands:

While many small business owners utilize Instagram to draw in customers, very few of them are capable of creating catchy headlines. If you have a talent as a freelancer for coming up with original Instagram captions, you may pitch your services to these businesses. Be aware that your capacity for producing powerful short-form text will be taken into account when evaluating you.

Be a micro-influencer

Have you noticed the social media postings made by celebrities to advertise a certain item? Consider Enioluwa endorsing Crocs or Davido marketing Puma. Because Instagram has such a large audience, brands are quite active there. Nowadays, brands also desire to collaborate with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are people who have 1000 to 100,000 followers, depending on their niche. Because of their high engagement rate, brands favour working with them.

Affiliate marketing:

You may join an affiliate network and earn money by selling a brand’s products on Instagram if you have a following but no products of your own. For instance, you may try to work as an Avon representative. You promote Avon cosmetics on your profile as a representative by including your affiliate link in the Instagram bio. You will earn a portion of sales made by people who utilize your affiliate link to make a purchase. Typically, it ranges from 5% to 30% from a single sale. The number of Instagram followers you need to earn money is not a requirement. All the business needs to know is that you interact with your followers and that they believe in you.

Become a virtual assistant for an influencer:

You can consider working as an Instagram influencer’s assistant if you enjoy being a part of the behind-the-scenes action. Many influencers need help with a variety of activities, like analyzing sponsorship bids, carrying out marketing, spotting fake followers, etc. For an hourly wage, you may offer to serve as a virtual assistant. You will be responsible for managing direct messages (DMs), planning posts, and answering comments as an Instagram influencer VA. The influencer may also request content suggestions to help him develop his brand.

Instagram is an excellent place to start your freelancing career if you’ve always wanted to become one.

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