How to sell bags effectively on Facebook

You are most likely aware of the intense competition if you are attempting to get into the fashion accessory sector, especially bags. This is true because bags are a fashion accessory and a status symbol in one.

Your goods and your target market will heavily influence how you promote since consumers may pay as little as 1,000 naira for a bag or as much as several million naira.

Facebook is one of the amazing platforms that you can use to scale your bag business or brand. This article will help you discover how you can effectively sell bags on Facebook despite the fierce competition in the fashion category of this platform.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is a fantastic platform for product sales, especially for small businesses. It offers powerful targeting possibilities, a wide range of tools to ensure your success, and a broad reach. However, it’s not always simple to hit the ball out of the park straight first, and there isn’t one approach that works for everyone.

Sometimes finding the best combination for your company involves some trial and error. One can also avoid trial and error by taking cues from experts in the field or by learning from people’s experiences.

How do you effectively sell bags on Facebook?

The market for purses and handbags is anticipated to be valued at more than $50 billion and expand at a rate of 5.4% annually between 2019 and 2025, according to 2020 research.

Although it’s a nice concept, selling handbags online can be daunting without the appropriate advice. It might take a lot of effort to determine the what, why, and how of starting up an internet store to sell handbags.

Using social media platforms is one way you can effectively scale your bag sales business. Facebook is one such platform. Here are a few tips that you can apply that can help you sell bags effectively on Facebook:

Choose a niche

Handbags and purses come in a variety of sizes and forms. Instead of focusing on the overall market, it is preferable to choose a certain sort of pocketbook or handbag to sell, therefore thorough specialized study will be helpful. Being a niche-based bag seller is one of the ways you can effectively sell bags on Facebook. For instance, you may market:

  • Women’s designer handbags
  • Men’s lightweight wallets
  • frequent business traveller handbags

This will require that you conduct some market analysis, keyword research, trend searching, etc. for you to get the hang of this.

Identify your customer/target audience

According to Small Business Sense, one of the important steps in marketing bags is to identify your target market. Your target market may be young females, for instance, if you make casual, hand-made canvas bags.

You’ll have a completely different target market if your bags are made of hand-tooled leather and finished with pricey hardware. Even though you probably had a target market in mind when designing and producing your bag, identifying that market can help you concentrate your marketing efforts.

You can use Facebook Insights to identify what your target audience is interested in.

Create engaging and relatable content

Writing compelling product copy that distinguishes you from your rivals can help you sell handbags online. You must also ensure that you include the appropriate keywords in the descriptions when you start listing handbags on Facebook.

A lot of brands outsource this internet advertising firm services, but you can do it yourself if you learn, understand, and apply the basics.

You must be specific when naming and describing your items. Use the correct design name and emphasize all of the handbag’s key features when discussing it. Ensure the material, size, and colour are all included.

Without these crucial facts, you risk missing out on a prospective sale. Use the appropriate keywords when you sell handbags on Facebook to provide clients with the information they need.

Place Facebook ads.

The most apparent answer to the question of how to obtain Facebook followers is to use Facebook advertisements. You may run an “Engagement ad” ad to assist you to make your brand more visible on Facebook.

To be honest, though, even “Conversion” advertising will probably result in more followers for you. Facebook users who enjoy the ad’s content are more inclined to interact with the post and perhaps like or follow your page.

Therefore, if increasing shop sales is your primary objective, you should create valuable content

Use Promotions

Make a unique launch campaign in order to increase brand recognition and the first sales of your handbags. Choose the services you feel most confident providing to your customers. Promotions may boost sales and raise the exposure of your company, whether it be a special 25% off discount, a free wallet with the purchase of a handbag, or gift cards for recommending friends. Through marketing and social media, spread the word about this promotion.

All of these tips shared are tried and tested with positive and remarkable results. Therefore, if you are looking to scale your bag sales business on Facebook you should try them out.

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