What’s New From Lenco – September 2022 Roundup

Welcome to the beginning of our monthly round-up newsletter; you can expect this once each month, so you do not miss any of the product improvements we push out that would help you manage your business seamlessly.

We’ve got some top-tier updates from September:

A fresh web dashboard view

The Lenco dashboard for web users was updated.

We made several updates to improve our web users’ experience. The entire look and feel of the Lenco web experience was changed. We added a bill payment feature, share receipt feature and file attachment feature which was once only available on the Lenco Mobile App.

They are all amazing feature updates which will help you:

  • Pay bills on the web

Buy Airtime, Data, pay for Cable TV and Electricity bills.

  • Share receipts seamlessly after making a transaction

Don’t rely on screenshots only to share receipts. Quickly share receipts of your transactions to any email address or send as SMS to a phone number. Lenco would handle the delivery of receipts to the specified email or phone number giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

  • Attach invoices or receipts to a transaction

Attach invoices or receipts to the actual expense record for expenses made. This keeps all necessary expense proofs and attachments organised in one place. 😊

Remember, this is all available on the web and mobile now.

Lenco terminals (POS)

Your business can now place an order for a Lenco Terminal (POS) to start processing and accepting card payments at your physical business location.


  • Same day settlement
  • Free to request
  • Lowest fees: You’re charged only 0.4% capped at N400 per transaction. In comparison, traditional banks would charge you 0.5% capped at N1000.

Chat with us to order yours!

Lenco status page

Finally, you can get all updates on how our systems are doing. You get alerted if there are interruptions to any of our services.

The Lenco API < >

Worthy of note – You can implement the Lenco API on your application to automate all your business operations. Some of our services you can access via API are Virtual account issuance, Intra and Interbank fund transfer, Bill payments and more.

Customer Feature – Merok Clothing

Here’s what our customer Merok Clothing had to say in September.

If you think September was eventful, watch out for what we have planned for October. We promise to keep listening to your needs and work hard to make running your business as seamless as possible.

That’s all for now, see you soon.

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