Introducing The Lenco Class Of ’23 Features

Lenco Class of 23 features

We are proud to present to you the Lenco class of ’23 features! Meet the new collection of features we added to our repertoire in 2023.

  1. A new and improved mobile app: Always on the go, this feature is your reliable companion, making banking tasks a breeze with its sleek and intuitive interface. From managing finances to navigating effortlessly, it’s the feature that seamlessly adapts to any situation.
  2. A new and improved token (2FA) app: this feature is the vigilant guardian of your accounts. Like a wise graduate, it ensures that your financial transactions are fortified with the latest and greatest in security technology.
  3. Account opening optimization: Fast, efficient, and always a step ahead, this feature streamlines the account opening process.
  4. Terminals – Web and mobile app: Equally comfortable in the office or on the move, this feature effortlessly transitions between platforms. Whether it’s the web or mobile app, it ensures you have a consistent and powerful banking experience.
  5. New landing pages: Always leaving a lasting impression, this feature is like the articulate valedictorian of the class. With its fresh and modern look, it engages users, providing an informative and delightful experience when exploring Lenco’s offerings.
  6. Amount-based approver on Team banking: Leading with authority, this feature introduces an amount-based approver for team banking users. It’s like the graduate who takes charge, ensuring secure and controlled transactions for the entire team.
  7. Corporate Cards: Suited up for business success, this feature introduces corporate cards for businesses. It’s the graduate that efficiently manages expenses, providing a convenient and organized way to track company spending.
  8. Add, Edit, and Remove a recipient seamlessly: A master of connections, this feature simplifies recipient management. Just like the graduate who effortlessly builds and maintains relationships, it allows you to add, edit, or remove recipients with ease.
  9. In-app activity suggestion: Like a helpful friend, this feature offers in-app activity suggestions. It provides thoughtful recommendations based on your unique usage patterns, helping you make informed financial decisions.
  10. A seamless way to create sub-accounts on the mobile app: this feature provides a seamless way to create sub-accounts on the mobile app. It effortlessly juggles multiple responsibilities, ensuring your finances stay organized.
  11. Set card spending limit: this feature allows you to set card spending limits. It’s like the graduate who carefully budgets and manages expenses, ensuring your financial decisions align with your goals.
  12. Improved Lenco API: this feature provides developers with enhanced flexibility and functionality. It’s the graduate who pushes boundaries, creating innovative solutions for seamless integration.
  13. Set approved card payment channels – ATM, Web, or POS: Customizing your card experience, this feature lets you set approved card payment channels either through ATM, Web, or POS. It’s the graduate who tailors their approach, ensuring transactions align with personal preferences.
  14. Freeze and Unfreeze card: Always in control, this feature allows you to freeze and unfreeze your card. It’s the graduate who manages situations with calm and precision, providing an extra layer of security and convenience.
  15. Improved transaction search on the web and mobile app: The graduate who efficiently organizes information, allowing you to fine-tune your transaction viewing experience.
  16. Improved transaction receipt attachment: this feature allows improved transaction receipt attachment. It’s the graduate who documents experiences, providing a clear record of your financial activities.
  17. Improved transaction filter: A master of categorization, this feature provides improved transaction filters. It’s like the graduate who efficiently organizes information, allowing you to fine-tune your transaction viewing experience.
  18. Improved monthly cashback on the mobile app: Like a loyal friend providing extra perks, this feature offers improved monthly cashback on the mobile app. It’s the graduate who consistently adds value, making your Lenco experience even more rewarding.

We are proud of all our features and we are sure that they can all provide you with all that your business needs to enrich its finances!

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