What’s New From Lenco-October 2022 Roundup

We’ve got some top-tier updates from October.

Lenco Debit Cards are almost here

Yippee! We opened up card requests on the Lenco Mobile App in October.

What's New From Lenco-October 2022 Roundup

We made the Lenco corporate card product with your business in mind, just like we do everything else at Lenco. Best for all your local transactions. With the Lenco corporate expense card;

  • The most innovative company card: It was built with superpowers to help you manage your business expenses in a way that does not affect your business bank account. This means that when you create a card for a team member or department, you can fund the card with the team’s/ individual expense budget. This ensures that no one spends more than they are ever assigned.
  • Team cards: Create and issue physical cards to your team members. Managers can top up cards on request.
  • Track in real-time: Finance and accounting can see all spending on the dashboard, which helps reduce fraud and the need for expense reconciliation. Take the Lenco smart company cards everywhere you go.

What else to expect from the Lenco cards:

  • Order your first card free of charge (minimum ₦2,000 bank account balance required).

Better transaction search and filter

We made searching and filtering your transactions even better. You can now find all filters from a single drop-down.

Lenco transaction search and filter

You can find all your filter options by clicking the filter button. We brought all the filter options under one roof to make your search for specific items seamless. Simply select all your filter options and Apply.

Add attachments to your transactions

You can add attachments, such as receipts or invoices to any of your transactions. To start, click on any of your transactions and add attachments.

Lenco attachments to transactions

Aside from the ability to add attachments, we know sometimes you want to add more details about a transaction, so we also provided you with the ability to select a category for the transaction and add comments to describe the transaction.

Add attachments to your transactions

All these improvements facilitate your financial audit, make your account reconciliation seamless and reduce fraud in your business.

Lenco Terminals (POS)

Join businesses ordering and activating their Lenco Terminals (POS). If you are yet to do so, you can order a Lenco Terminal (POS) to start processing and accepting card payments at your physical location.

Lenco Terminals (POS)


  • Same-day settlement.
  • Free to request (if you process over 200 transactions per month. i.e. about an average of 7 transactions per day at least).
  • Lowest fees: You’re charged only 0.4%, capped at ₦300 per transaction. Traditional banks would charge you 0.5%, capped at ₦1000.

Please chat with us to order yours!

Favourite feature video – add a comment to transactions

That’s all for now, see you soon.

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