How to sell fashion items on WhatsApp effectively

Most people tend to streamline WhatsApp to just a messaging app, but beyond chatting with your friends on WhatsApp, you can also earn money from it. There are many ways you can make money on WhatsApp, including selling Fashion items like bags, shoes, ear accessories, etc.

The focus of this article is on How to sell fashion items on WhatsApp effectively and make money while at it. If you have been wondering how to scale up your sales game on WhatsApp then this is for you.


The American business Meta Platforms is the owner of WhatsApp, a voice-over-IP and centralized cross-platform instant messaging service that is freely accessible worldwide.

WhatsApp is a platform that can help you reach your consumers fast and at no cost if you want to sell your items online but lack the knowledge and/or time required to establish a website.

Why Should WhatsApp Be Included in Your Marketing Plan?

The strength of WhatsApp, an instant messaging service, is that it is well-established on a global scale. The platform’s expanding potential as a marketing tool is, however, mostly ignored by enterprises.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion, along with Instagram, and is now a member of the Facebook family. This platform received its first social feature when Facebook added Snapchat’s stories feature to Instagram and WhatsApp simultaneously.

A Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism poll discovered that, in addition to fast becoming a popular social media platform, it is seen as a reliable news source in many nations.

How to sell fashion items on WhatsApp effectively

There are no limits to the type of products you can sell on WhatsApp. This social media platform is encompassing and boundless. for the purpose of this article, we will be sticking to only fashion items.
Fashion items like bags, shoes, hair accessories, underwear, swimwear, clothes, rings, ear accessories, etc.
Are you a lover of any of these items and would love to leverage WhatsApp to sell these items, here is how to:

Create a WhatsApp business account

You need to consider the practical aspects of selling on WhatsApp even before you develop your content ideas. Having a mobile device and a phone number used just for business is the first need for utilizing this app in your place of business.
It may sound apparent, but it’s crucial to keep business and personal affairs distinct, and utilizing WhatsApp doesn’t change this.

Create a broadcast list

Lists pertaining to certain subjects or target demographics should be made. Following the creation of the lists, you may send one-way messages that are specially crafted to boost interaction, much like you would on Twitter.
In your communications, you are free to add promotions, links, or invites. Using broadcast lists is the way to go, for instance, if you are hosting an event or launching a product that will interest your audience.
Assume for the moment that you run a spa and leisure company. Consequently, your audience will be interested in summer and bank holiday events. As a result, you might make use of such chances to broadcast messages to them.

Decide on your business hours of operation, greetings, and description.

1) The times your company is open
2) When the consumer sends their first message, a welcome message will be issued.
3) A message indicating your absence when you are reached after business hours
4) Quick responses that enable you to quickly respond to frequently requested queries from your users.

Update your WhatsApp status

One of the best methods to advertise and share your goods and services with your contacts without having to convince them to do so is through WhatsApp Status. WhatsApp Status offers users the ability to publish words, photographs, and videos that vanish after 24 hours, much like Instagram or Snapchat stories. You can guarantee that your WhatsApp status will receive the most impressions because it is immediately shared with your contacts. Small company entrepreneurs use their WhatsApp status updates to close sales frequently. And you can.

Utilize click-bait and psychological cues

Sales tactics known as psychological triggers take into consideration how emotions might be used to sway consumers. It appears that by utilizing them in your advertising, you may influence your target market to carry out specific behaviours automatically and without giving it any thought.
One of the best times to use triggers like scarcity, reciprocity, rationality, curiosity, urgency, and so forth is while making a purchasing choice. Basically, while selling on WhatsApp, you need to consider how to deliver messages that influence people’s subconscious decisions to buy the item you’re selling.
Do not mistake this for manipulation, though!
In order to show that your product is a solution to a certain problem, you must understand your audience and supply what they desire when we talk about mental triggers. You must thus always create and post engaging content.