How to renew my debit card in Nigeria

how to renew my debit card in Nigeria

In Nigeria, a typical adult must have a debit card in order to conduct daily financial transactions. These actions consist of internet purchasing, POS services, and ATM cash withdrawals.

In this article, we share a little bit about what debit cards are, how to use a debit card in Nigeria, and how you can renew your debit card in Nigeria.

Debit card

Debit cards, often called check cards or bank cards, are payment cards that may be used to make transactions instead of cash. The term “plastic card” refers to both the aforementioned and identification cards.

Your bank issues debit cards, which function as a hybrid of an ATM card and a credit card. A debit card, in a contrast to a credit card, is linked directly to your bank account and uses the funds you have there to make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM online.

This is known as a virtual card and this type of card is commonly issued and used by fin-techs to ease payment procedures, and access to funds, for consumers.

How to use a debit card in Nigeria

Debit card usage has become so pervasive in several nations, including Nigeria, that it has sometimes completely supplanted checks in terms of volume and sometimes substantially replaced cash transactions.

Debit card development, in contrast to credit card and charge card development, has typically been country-specific, leading to a variety of distinct systems worldwide that were frequently incompatible.

Everyone is becoming accustomed to utilizing plastic money, such as debit or credit cards, in the modern world. You can now conduct purchases with better accessibility and simplicity with debit cards.

You may use your card to make purchases in person or online since they are immediately linked to your savings account. So, if you don’t already have one, getting a debit card is advised. Do not worry if you are new to the world of plastic money. You may quickly apply for a debit card at any time.

Renewing your Debit card in Nigeria

Older cards can occasionally become damaged. There are three methods you may apply to get a new debit card:

  1. Mobile banking: Utilizing the mobile banking app from your bank is a practical way to request a new debit card. To access your account, log in with either your four-digit Quick Access PIN or your customer ID and password. Select the service request option under the Cards menu. Select the Debit Card for which you want a replacement. Send the same a service request. A new Debit Card will be issued by your bank when the request has been processed. It will be delivered to your registered address by the bank.
  2. Calling your bank’s customer Care: Contacting the bank’s Customer Care is another option for requesting a replacement Debit Card. Contact a Customer Service Representative and ask for your Debit Card to be replaced. When your request is authorized, the service executive will take it, and the bank will send a new debit card to your listed postal address.
  3. Go to a branch: Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable using Mobile Banking or calling the customer care. To obtain a new debit card, all you need to do is go to the branch of your bank that is closest to you. Requesting a new debit card requires that you visit the branch and see the relationship manager. Additionally, you can get an immediate debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions about renewing your Debit card in Nigeria

How long is my debit card valid for?

The validity period of your card is dependent on your bank’s debit card validity period. this usually varies from bank to bank.

Can I get a new card if I’m an existing bank customer and my old one is damaged, stolen, lost, or expired?

Yes, you can. A service agent from your bank will often deactivate the card and offer a replacement. If you believe the card has been lost and there is a strong chance you will find it soon, you might wish to enquire about the possibility of a temporary freeze.

Can i renew my debit card from the comfort of my home?

Yes and no. This is because various banks have their various principles on this subject. some Nigerian bank will require that you come to their office physically to renew your card, while some will require that you request for a replacement or renewal online. There is no one-size fiits all for this. You can always check with your bank to confirm this.