5 Best Network Providers and Data Plans in Nigeria

In an interconnected world, seamless and efficient communication has become a necessity. This gives us a great need for reliable network providers with affordable data plans. With rising internet demands, Nigeria finds itself at the center of a dynamic and evolving telecommunication sector.

This guide will not only help you understand the landscape of network providers in Nigeria but also help you compare various data plans. From highlighting the top players in the sector to assisting you in choosing the right plan, we strive to unpack Nigeria’s growing and vibrant telecommunication industry.

Top Network Providers in Nigeria

Here are the top network providers in Nigeria:

1. MTN Nigeria: Part of the MTN Group, MTN Nigeria is one of the leading telecom providers offering a wide range of services and data plans.

2. Globacom Limited (GLO): Known for its affordable data plans, GLO is Nigeria’s indigenous telecom company with extensive coverage.

3. Airtel Nigeria: Airtel offers competitive data plans and services, making it one of the major players in Nigeria’s telecommunication sector.

4. 9mobile: Formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria, 9mobile provides innovative and affordable data plans for its consumer base in Nigeria.

5. NTel: As Nigeria’s first 4G/LTE network provider, Ntel offers high-speed internet data plans that cater to individuals and businesses alike.

Comparing Data Plans

When comparing data plans of various network providers in Nigeria, it is important to evaluate them on crucial parameters such as data allowance, cost, speed, and coverage.

MTN Nigeria offers a variety of data plans ranging from daily to monthly packs. For instance, their daily plans start from 40MB for ₦50 to 2.5GB for ₦500. Their monthly plans, on the other hand, range from 1.5GB + for ₦1,000 to as high as 110GB for ₦20,000.

Globacom, renowned for its affordable data plans, has the mini plan ranging from ₦50 for 50MB (1 day) to ₦500 for 1.8GB (14 days) its monthly plan that offers 3.9GB for ₦1,000 (30 days), 5.8GB for ₦2,000 (30 days). They also provide “mega” plans that start from 50GB for ₦10,000 to 138GB for ₦20,000.

Airtel offers a wide range of data plans. Their daily data plans start from 40MB for ₦50 with the highest being 2GB for ₦500. Meanwhile, their monthly plans start from ₦1,000 for 1.5GB, going up to ₦36,000 for 280GB.

9mobile has a varied range of plans catering to both short-term and long-term needs. Their daily plans start from 25MB for ₦50 to 650MB for ₦200. Their monthly plans offer 500MB at ₦500 up to 75GB for ₦15,000.

NTel stands apart by offering unlimited data plans starting from ₦1,500 for its UNLIMITED DAILY to ₦25,000 for its monthly UNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE. However, their service coverage is limited to Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

While all these network providers offer a similar basic service, the differences lie in their data plans, pricing, coverage, and internet speed.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Network Provider

Choosing a network provider involves considering several decision-influencing factors.

1. Coverage: The network provider should have comprehensive coverage, enabling you to connect from any location.

2. Data Plans: Review the provider’s assorted data plans, keeping your usage patterns, allowance needs, and budget in mind.

3. Internet Speed: The speed of the service is critical in ensuring seamless browsing and streaming.

4. Reliability: The network provider should be reliable, with minimal downtimes and connectivity issues.

5. Cost: Compare the cost of data plans offered by various providers and consider the one that offers good value for money.

6. Customer Service: The provider should have a responsive customer service team that can promptly resolve your queries or issues.


Remember, the best network provider ideally balances high-quality service and competitive pricing to cater to your specific requirements. Making an informed choice entails aligning your specific requirements with the right data plan and provider.

Ultimately, a good network provider ensures smooth and seamless internet connectivity, enabling you to stay connected in an increasingly digital world. The key lies in finding a balance between quality service and affordability that best suits your unique needs.

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