How to utilize facebook sponsored ads

How to utilize facebook sponsored ads

There are no limits to where your products or services can reach in the social media world of today. This is because your reach can be greatly influenced by social media advertising, especially with Facebook-sponsored ads. Facebook is the most used social media site for running ads, with 2.91 billion active members.

In this article, I explained in detail the step-by-step process of placing an ad on Facebook to make it easier for you. And to make it even better, I created a checklist to assist you in keeping track of every aspect of your campaign.

Facebook Ads Manager 

“The times may be changing, but most marketers still consider Facebook advertising to be a critical talent.” Holly Stanley, September 29, 2022 

The Facebook Ad Manager is an advanced dashboard that gives users a summary of all of their campaigns.

Facebook users are typically targeted with ads based on:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Additional profile details

How to make a Facebook advertisement

You can create your first ad using the steps below: 

1. Set your Facebook ad goal:

Answering the question “what’s the most essential consequence I want from this ad” can help you determine the ideal ad aim. It might be improved brand exposure, online sales, or app downloads. After deciding which marketing objective is best for you. You can move to the next step which is to install Facebook’s Meta Business suite.

2. Install Meta Business Suite:

Many people who lose up on their Facebook advertising attempts do so due to erroneous account setup or being so daunted by Facebook’s plethora of ad possibilities that they never go as far as actually conducting a campaign. To guarantee that you get off to a good start, make sure your Meta Business Suite account is properly configured.

All the tools you need to execute your advertisements, such as Facebook company pages, your Facebook ad account, and other tools you’ll need, are all located in the Meta Business Suite portion of Facebook. Go to and select Create Account to create your Meta Business Suite account.

3. Search for Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook’s advertising campaigns are all managed through the Facebook Ads Manager application. For utilizing it on a desktop or laptop computer, follow these instructions.

By clicking and saving this link, you can discover Facebook Ads Manager quickly and easily. Your personal ad account’s Facebook Ads Manager will be opened automatically for you. Use the account drop-down option to select the appropriate account if you are in charge of many ad accounts.

4. Utilize Facebook’s Ads Manager to start creating your ad

You’ll see a performance dashboard after logging into the Advertisements Manager, where all of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads are presented along with the outcomes they’ve generated for your Facebook page. This dashboard would be blank except you’ve already generated an advertisement for your Facebook page.

Click the green “Create” button to the far left of the desired ad type in the Facebook Ad Manager to start a new campaign, ad set, or advertisement.

5. Pick your timetable and creative options

The creation of the creative, or the actual ad, is the next stage in designing your Facebook advertisement. Facebook advertising is very different from traditional advertising, and it has its own set of guidelines for creating effective Facebook ads.

You can either choose the Facebook business page or Instagram account that will display your advertisements when you create an ad. Even if it isn’t your primary campaign target, this side benefit is a fantastic way to increase brand recognition and social media followers.

6. Make your Facebook campaigns better

You can monitor, measure, and modify your Facebook ad such that you make it much better. You can do all of this in  Facebook Ads Manager while your advertisement is running. Check to see whether one variation of your advertisement is doing better than another or if it is being delivered effectively, and make changes as necessary.

Edit your creativity, audience, placement choices, budget, and even several advertisements at once. At any time, you may always pause, duplicate, or relaunch your advertising campaigns.

Facebook ad best practices are always evolving. Only you can choose what works best for your particular audience. And using Facebook Ads is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself or your brand in the market for a long.