10 Best apps for your small business

Owners of startups and small businesses sometimes have to wear numerous hats at the same time—communicator, financial genius, issue solver—the list of tasks can be daunting.

They also understand the need of staying adaptable and efficient. Mobile devices are almost surely ubiquitous, such that selecting the best apps for them may be difficult.

Finding solutions to manage this burden, boost organization and productivity, and keep day-to-day operations running smoothly does not have to be difficult. Fortunately, there are several wonderful applications for small company owners available that may help lighten the load.

In this article, I highlight the 10 best apps that can aid your efficiency and scale your business as a small business owner.

Categories of apps required in a small business

There are numerous app categories required in a small business. This will guide you in selecting the finest and essential ones for your small business peculiarities:

  • Apps for communication
  • Finance applications
  • Organization apps
  • Apps for file storage and sharing
  • Apps for project management

Top apps for your small business

The following top small business applications make it easy to manage many areas of your business, whether you work from home, the office, or on the road. I will be sharing 2 samples from each category mentioned above.

Apps for communication

  1. Slack: Slack, is one of the most popular team management software, that supports more productive and efficient staff communication. There is no longer a need for lengthy informative meetings or back-and-forth emails thanks to this corporate instant messenger. For various goods, subjects, events, or projects, you may build various messaging channels inside it, and you can then add the appropriate personnel to each.
  2. Trello: Trello would be missing from any list of great free small business apps. Most of us are familiar with it as a productivity tool, but it is also ideal for small teams. Trello is based on the Japanese kanban board productivity paradigm. This enables you to track the progress of any and all projects on which your team is engaged. It’s an excellent approach to guarantee that nothing falls through the cracks.

Organization apps

  1. Toggl, the “simplest time tracker to help you get things done,” can assist enhance productivity. “Perfect for teams, freelancers, small businesses, and agencies.” Users only need to press a button. Toggl swiftly breaks down the figures and presents the facts in a straightforward, easy-to-understand style. Furthermore, the Toggl Button browser plugin allows users to track time in over 80 online tools. It is simple to change once all of the data is available and consumers can see where all of their time is spent.
  2. OnceHub: This appointment scheduling software is intended to manage several appointments at the same time. For instance, if you sell three appointments to a consumer, they must choose three dates. ScheduleOnce was designed to manage this. This scheduling program includes all of the booking features and services found in any booking software, but its ability to handle numerous bookings in one session sets it apart from the competition.

File storage and sharing

  1. Google Drive: You can create and store files online, share them with team members, and view them from any device with this free software. However, it is better for individuals who currently use Google Workspace. It is only accessible for iOS, although it is already incorporated for Android users. Features that are useful: Ample free storage, Invite people to help you edit or download files, Offline access is possible, and connect to other productivity tools.
  2. CamScanner: Do you need to sign forms or send documents through email? CamScanner transforms your smartphone’s camera into a scanner, producing PDF or JPG files that you can store, email, or print wirelessly. After you snap a photo of the document to be scanned, the program eliminates any background, adjusts the angle and tilt, corrects any brightness or colour errors, and generates a high-resolution final document.

Finance applications

  1. Lenco: Lenco is a digital-only bank that issues easy-to-open and free-to-operate current bank accounts for Startups and SMEs without any hassle. It is the best business Banking platform for SMEs & Startups.
  2. Square: No matter where a company sells, Square makes it simple for users to take all forms of payment, from mobile credit and debit card processing to creating a unique point-of-sale system on Square’s payment platform to internet sales.

Project management apps

  1. Asana: Any small company owner can easily manage projects using Asana’s wonderful basic UI. Planning and overseeing several major projects simultaneously is made easier by this user-friendly project management tool. Utilize the integrated collaboration features to your advantage while using the teamwork tools.
  2. Basecamp: Basecamp is an excellent project collaboration tool with a good reputation after more than ten years in the industry. You may work on up to three projects with up to 20 individuals in the free edition; for greater capabilities, you must upgrade to a single premium tier.

Some of these applications will work great for your small business, while others might not be a good fit. You just need to identify the best one for your small business and stick to it.

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