Introducing Lenco Token App for Smoother Transactions

Lenco Token app

At the moment, each time you want to log in, you probably wait to receive an OTP in your mailbox. Log in and perform transactions faster when you set up the token app with your account.
If you are wondering; what is the Lenco Token App? Do I need to get it? This article will give you insights into why you need to set up your token app immediately, with a high-level guide on how to set up your Lenco token app.

What does it cost to get the token?

With Lenco, the setup and activation of the token app on your device are free, and there are no charges incurred.

Where do I find the Lenco Token App?

You can download it from the Google Play Store by searching for Lenco Token App.


  • Never disclose your password to anyone.
  • Never give anyone access to your token app.
  • Always set access levels for all teams you invite to manage your account.

The benefit of the Lenco Token App

The Lenco Token App was built with global security standards in mind. The Token App issues you a randomly generated 6-digit code that you would need to log in to your account and authorize transactions. Your login password coupled with the randomly generated token code reduces the probability of your account being accessed by an unauthorized person.

The Lenco Token App is an innovative mobile app for generating tokens that helps Lenco account users secure all transactions using their mobile devices. With the Lenco Token App, your account is more secure. This eliminates the need for you to carry a separate hardware token with you. The Lenco Token app generates a one-time password that helps to restrict any third party from getting access to your account.

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The Lenco Token app also adds an extra layer of protection to your business online banking by generating a one-time password that will allow you to gain access to your banking dashboard. This random string of numbers is used when logging into your account or completing transactions.


  • Log In to your Lenco account.
  • Visit the security page under the Settings tab.
  • Click Setup Token App. A QR code and unique numbers will be generated.
  • Open the Lenco token app on your mobile device, scan the QR code or enter the unique numbers in the input field.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected the Lenco Token app to your account. Only one token app can be linked to your Lenco account at a time.


  • Visit, and input your username and password. You’ll be requested to input the one-time-password generated from your token app
  • Open your token app to get the one-time password for login.
  • You are in. That’s very fast, isn’t it?


  • Does the Lenco token app use the internet?
    No, you do not need the internet to use the token app. You only need the internet to set up the token app.
  • If I lose access to my phone what do I do?
    Send a mail to [email protected] immediately.
  • What phone can the token app be used on?
    Lenco token app works on all modern android devices.
  • My device is not compatible with the app.
    Send a mail to [email protected] and our engineering team will be happy to assist you.
  • I have changed my phone and I need the token app on my new device.
    Send a mail to [email protected] and the team will assist to get your new device set up.
  • I have ideas on how Lenco can be safer.
    Send a mail to [email protected].

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