The Best Productivity Tools to Help You Stay Ahead

If you want to make your team work better and make your company better in the digital age, or you just want to find ways to do more, don’t miss out on this list. These tools can help you save time and do more. 

Each of these tools is easy to use and can make a big difference in your ability to do things and meet your goals without as much stress.

List Of Best Productivity Tools

So here’s a list of some of the best productivity tools that you can use in your everyday work routine to do even better.


A lot of companies consider Slack as one of the top tools for being productive. There are two main reasons for this. First, Slack is a really powerful and excellent platform for internal communication. Second, it can be integrated with many other apps such as Twitter, Dropbox, and MailChimp.

The best part is that we don’t need to be IT experts to use it. All we have to do is create an account and a channel and then invite people to join. Once that’s done, we can start sharing information with our colleagues and managers!

What’s really great about Slack is that it allows us to create open channels where everyone in the team can participate, or closed channels that limit interactions to certain people we want to communicate with.

This tool helps us speed up our work by easily clearing up any doubts with our coworkers, making collaboration more efficient when someone is absent, and avoiding delayed phone calls that can affect our performance.


Using checklists is a really effective way to increase productivity in companies. Trello is a super useful and easy-to-use tool that lets you organize activities into boards with cards or lists that you can move around depending on what stage you’re at. This makes it easier to see and stay on track with your tasks.

With Trello, you can optimize task planning by prioritizing them, jotting down important details, attaching files, sharing data with everyone involved in a project or area, assigning tasks, and doing many other things that make you more productive.

Because of its many functions and resources, both free and paid, Trello makes it possible to complete tasks on time and in the right way at different stages of projects.

Google Drive

This business productivity tool is extremely popular because it allows users to access various resources for free. Google Drive is a fantastic cloud solution that securely saves and stores files in different formats. It also enables collaborative online work and document synchronization across devices.

Additionally, it offers integrated applications like a word processor and templates, allowing users not only to open files but also to edit, copy, and create new documents. With Google Drive, you can easily find and work on any files stored on Internet-connected devices that have the tool installed.

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Google Calendar

Saving time is not enough. We must also make the most of it by improving how we manage our schedule. Google Calendar is a great option because it provides a clear view of our daily commitments, helping us avoid delays and forgetfulness.

It is efficient and easy to use, with its intuitive design allowing us to quickly check our work schedule. Apart from organizing and sharing agendas, this tool also lets us create events, like meetings, and invite participants by sending them a link to join online.

With Google Calendar, we can optimize remote work by bringing teams together, improving communication between managers and their team members, and creating a collaborative work environment. These factors directly impact productivity.


The platform is notable for its numerous features that enable the launch of online meetings with a large number of participants. These meetings can last an hour and accommodate up to 100 people.

However, if your plan involves meetings that exceed 60 minutes or require inviting more participants, it is advisable to utilize the comprehensive Google Suite or extended plans. With Meet, you can participate in meetings through its website or the iOS and Android applications.

The tool also offers additional functionalities such as joining online events with a call number, recording meetings in the paid version, sharing screens to present documents and files, encrypting calls between participants, and syncing with Google Calendar.


The Zapier tool lets you automate tasks without needing to be a programming expert. It helps you organize and gather data from one app and send it to another app quickly and securely.

Zapier is perfect for people who want to save time and be more productive by automating repetitive tasks. It works well with many different apps, making it a flexible tool for various types of work.

For instance, you can easily integrate Zapier with RememberTheMilk, a list-building app based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

In conclusion

You can achieve the goal of using technology to maximize results while using the same amount of resources if you are determined to start or advance in the process of digital transformation.

Productivity tools in companies not only help us save time but also have a positive impact on the finances of the business, making it more productive and profitable.

Choose the solutions mentioned in this post that are most suitable for your business and will help it grow and succeed in the market.

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