Lenco 2021 Roundup

Added SMS Notification

We added an SMS alert (Inflow/ Payout) feature on Lenco. And enabled it by default for all account signatories and made it FREE!

Not just that, we also gave you the option for Truncated notification (without balance); If you operate a business with outlets and accept bank transfers as a payment method, your cashier would never need you to confirm transfers.

Add your outlet manager or cashier to the Notification Only user role that way, your outlet manager/cashier will receive Inflow (Credit) only truncated notification(without balance) each time a transfer is made to the account.

Improved Teams Feature

We added 5 user roles in addition to the admin role that you can assign to your team members:

  1. Admin: This user is set upon account creation. Has access to all accounts, can add/remove team members (excluding other Admins), can be set as an Approver/Initiator or Approver only or Initiator only.
  2. Approver and Initiator: Can move money.
  3. Approver Only: Can only move money that was initiated.
  4. Initiator Only: Can not move money, but only initiate for an approver.
  5. Viewer Only: Can not move money or initiate.
  6. Notification Only: Can not have a login account. Only receive notifications.
    This gives you (the Admin) the freedom to focus on other business areas while you monitor money initiated or approved by your team members.

Added Bank list auto-filter

We made it so that anytime you put in an account number; we’ll automatically show you the top 5 possible banks with that account number.🎉

This way, you don’t have to filter a long list of banks to get your recipient bank. Instead, you can see it in action.

Launched The Lenco Token App – Security

We made it so that you can log in and perform transactions faster using the Lenco token app for One-Time-Password instead of the email OTPs. This meant that you did not have to wait for email OTPs anymore, making you log-in faster and perform transactions faster.

Launched Bulk Transfers

We made it so you can now simply upload a spreadsheet or add several recipients manually and process multiple transfers all at once.

Launched Lenco Banking App

We launched the Lenco Banking Android and iPhone apps so you can move your business operations to your mobile device and manage your entire business banking need on the go.

Launched Bill Payment

We launched Lenco Bills. Bill payments like Airtime, Electricity, Cable Tv, and Data have been one of the most requested features from you our business customers.

That’s all for now; see you soon.

Season’s greetings!

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