How to make your side hustle the main attraction

As long as there have been full-time occupations, there have been side businesses. But the phrase has only really gained popularity in the last ten years or so. For most people, a side business began as a hobby or pastime that they discovered they could profit from.

One of the steps to make your side hustle into a main attraction is to stop seeing it or treating it as a side hustle. By this I mean invest as much time, resources, value, and strength into this side hustle as you would your current main attraction job.

In this article, you will discover 5 ways you can turn your current side hustle into a main attraction, own it well, and gain maximum profit and fulfilment.

5 ways to turn your side hustle into a main attraction

Whatever your motivations for starting a side hustle, it is always worthwhile to monitor it and determine whether it has the potential to replace your principal source of income. Below are 5 ways you can achieve this effectively:

1. Consider your day job as an accelerator rather than a venture fund.

Many pieces of advice suggest that you should think of your day job as the venture fund that finances your side hustle. This is the incorrect perspective to take. Your day job is so much more than just a means of support and insurance.

To turn your goal become a reality, Taylor recommends, “you should think of your day job as an accelerator where you can build skills, get mentoring, and a useful network for your side hustle.”

What abilities can I acquire right now that will help me in my business? What kind of leadership mentoring is there? How can I market-test my idea or leverage my present coworkers as a network?

2. Make time for your side hustle

You should ensure you create time for your side hustle even when you don’t seem to have any. How to find time even when it doesn’t seem like there is any is the first thing you need to learn about converting those side projects into primary jobs.

You just need to deprioritize things you might not want to and trust me, you have time.

The folks that work after hours, stay up late, hustle on the weekends, and refuse to engage in activities that provide short-term benefits but are long-term diversions are the ones who genuinely succeed in turning their side hustles into full-time careers.

3. Put together a business strategy

To ensure that your side hustle turns into a successful, sustainable business, it’s critical to plan out the next few months of growth. Websites like Nation1099, Side Hustle Nation, and others provide a wealth of free tools for new company owners to estimate expenses, consumer demand, and revenue.

Since you won’t have a boss watching over your shoulder while your firm grows, you need also to consider if you’re prepared to hold yourself accountable.

4. Develop your craft

You need to be competent (not necessarily flawless or even exceptional) at what you do before you can make your creative side gig a full-time profession.

You need to become very excellent at what you do as a side hustle, learn, unlearn, and relearn as much as you can. Take time to upskill and be on par with current trends in your chosen side hustle feed.

To work full time, your work doesn’t need to be flawless, but you do need to be adept in order to provide excellent customer service and generate work reliably and quickly.

5. Build your thought leadership and portfolio.

Try out new activities to put whatever you have learnt and you’re learning into practice, then apply it to your side hustle and upload the results on your portfolio. Your portfolio serves as your proof of work that will make investment companies or customers invest in your business or side hustle.

Along with establishing a portfolio, you’ll start gaining experience. Writing about it and posting comments in online groups and forums that your target is interested in is a terrific approach to establishing yourself as an authority on a subject.