How To Find a Good Name For Your Software Company

Learn how your software company can get the best name it deserves.

We are well aware of how important first impressions are. And while a company’s success isn’t primarily dependent on its name, it is usually the first thing potential clients see when looking up your software company. Your company name must reflect your brand’s character, values and vision. 

Choosing the right brand name might seem like a walk in the park, but it is incredibly crucial. It is one of the most potent ways to enhance your brand’s presence, ultimately boosting your software company’s growth. 

Why is a company name important for your software business?

Naming your brand is crucial as this will determine the culture and tone of your company well into the future. This is especially true for smaller companies such as B2B SaaS start-ups.

Not only will a terrible name block your company’s growth, but it could also destroy your brand’s overall mission. Well-established companies are not left out, as a name change may still be crucial to staying relevant and moving with the times.

Finding a suitable name for your software business is not a process that should be rushed. Investing your time and effort into generating a brand name that will yield excellent results in years to come is advisable.

When you do that, it will be almost impossible to come up with anything mediocre. This is because the more time and energy you invest into your software company and anything directly affecting it, the better and more rewarding the results.

It is also essential to accept contributions from several creative people and business owners you know, as opposed to random word generators on the internet. 

Discover your brand’s personality

Identifying your company’s values and finding your brand’s voice should come before you think of a name. This will help you convey your brand’s message and vision as clearly as possible to potential clients and businesses looking to partner with you.
It is a great way to position your software company while establishing a company culture. 

Actively seek ideas 

After your brand’s voice has been established, follow up by brainstorming alongside creative minds you know. This may include copywriters, enterprise resource planning experts, software developers and content creators who likely have personal brands.
If you’re wondering why you should seek help, it’s because these people have enough experience to give you the advice to help your business vision come to life.
Your second brainstorming session should help you gather at least ten options for your software company’s name. 

Perform name research

When you have selected the five most ideal names, it’s time to conduct thorough research regarding potential conflicts involving culture, domains, copyrights and even trademarks.
It is essential to take the time and effort to perform this research to preserve your brand’s future image, particularly if you’ve been rebranding for a long time. 

Acknowledge your company’s story

When you have picked the five names that best describe your brand, each name should carry a story for context. These stories must reflect the needs as well as wants of your potential clients.
The stories should embody all your company stands for and the problems you aim to solve. 

Present your final choice

After assigning stories to each name, it’s time to thoroughly assess your options and choose the name that you find most ideal and realistic.
Remember that you will likely lose a lot of time and money when you go back and forth on a name for a long time. So, that should be avoided.
There’s no doubt about how energy-draining it can be to find the perfect name for your SaaS business. It requires meticulous planning, patience and diligence to strengthen the growth and futureof your software business.
You are positioning your brand for immense success when you carefully follow the steps necessary to find the perfect name for your software development business. Simply trust the process and work smart. 

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