The Best AI-Based Image-Generation Tools 2024

Whether you want to experiment with unusual image combinations or create art, AI-based image-generation tools are a popular tech trend in 2023.

These intelligent systems allow us to produce high-quality images from scratch or modify existing ones based on specific descriptions. For example, you can request an image of Superman playing tennis, which the generator can create skillfully.

However, some artists question whether these generators can create true art and criticize their reliance on existing artistic work. 

On the other hand, some embrace them as a valuable resource for the NFT universe and a way to explore new creative possibilities. Throughout this article, we’ll highlight a few of the best AI picture generators out there.

AI-Based Image-Generation Tools for Designers and Creators


Stable Diffusion by Stability AI uses artificial intelligence to turn text into images. It’s free, open-source, and produces realistic and detailed results.

Stable Diffusion offers two AI-based art generators: one for text-to-image conversion and another for creating images from other images.

You can use it for free or upgrade to paid options like Stability AI’s DreamStudio for a professional touch. Try Stable Diffusion for yourself on sites like Mage.


Midjourney stands out for the high quality of the images it is capable of generating, so much so that it can boast of having won an international artistic design competition after beating humans.

It is ideal for creating portraits and landscapes, and also if we need to raise the resolution of our images.

To use it, it is necessary to enter a Discord channel of the platform, which is the place where we will leave requests in the form of messages. The bot will offer us the possibility of using a monthly plan: of 10 dollars for 200 images.


StarryAI is an image generator that focuses its results towards NFT art, since it converts the result into this format, makes us owners of it, and allows us to sell it. It gives us the possibility of creating up to five works daily.

It is not necessary to give any information for the system to generate something, but we can use the option of writing a descriptive phrase, as well as uploading a base image. It stands out for offering us a very clean interface, as well as for being available for the main mobile platforms.

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NightCafe offers many possibilities with an easy-to-follow interface. It does not first ask for the creation method -different AI algorithms- that we want to use among four options, which will determine more artistic or more coherent results.

The next thing would be to enter your text in English and choose one of the 12 predefined styles. The results are very attractive and accurate, especially if we need to create a fantasy environment.

There are additional options, such as aspect ratio, resolution, or noise, with which to improve or adjust the final image.

We can say that NightCafe is free, since they offer five images per day, although you can always buy credits to continue playing with the AI. Very interesting to know that users retain permission to use their creations, including marketing them.


After becoming one of the best AI tools for the creation of advertising texts with artificial intelligence, Jasper launched its image generator. Although it is a fairly simple program, you will be able to choose between various styles of art. 

They encompass a range of styles, such as cartoons, 3D art, and line art, in conjunction with various artistic mediums like charcoal, oil, and canvas. All of these can be generated by providing a brief yet detailed description.


We end with Dall-E 2, which is the most famous option on the list and the one that has helped to popularize the use of this type of generator the most. Developed by OpenAI, it is one of the best AI tools to achieve photorealistic results.

When comparing it with Stable Diffusion, which for many is the one that offers the best quality, we will say that Dall-E 2 beats it when it comes to presenting innovative images, which surprise us because they are different. It also provides a brush function with which to work on details.

In essence, it is a paid application, but it is possible to play with it thanks to 15 free images per month. And fortunately, for those who have been queuing for so long, there is no longer a waiting list.

In summary

Our exploration of AI-powered picture creation tools has introduced us to a range of options, including stable diffusion, mid-journey, jasper, starry air, nightcafe, and dall-e 2. These tools don’t aim to replace human creativity, but rather to enhance it. We’ve discussed it in this article.

For artists, designers, and enthusiasts, these tools offer a practical advantage. They speed up creative processes, allow experimentation with new styles, and add a fresh spark to ideas.

So, whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, these tools provide an exciting avenue to turn your concepts into captivating visuals.

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