9 Magnetic Ways to Reward Loyal Customers and Attract More

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When you reward loyal customers, you generally contribute to business growth. It is more expensive to find new customers compared to retaining existing ones. A lot of businesses grow solely because of their dependence on existing customers.

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers coming back, but they’re only as effective as your ability to understand how you can better reward the loyal. For example, many loyalty programs offer discounts on their products or services, which might make sense for attracting new customers. But what about existing ones? If you want them to stay around for longer, there are several other ways you can use loyalty rewards that will keep them happy and coming back again and again (and refer new people!).

1. Celebrate, appreciate and reward loyal customers

Appreciate, celebrate and reward loyal customers by acknowledging their patronage and let them that they are contributing to your business growth. You can celebrate your customers by adding a customer of the week or month feature on your social media platforms or website. This recognition will also help motivate other customers who love your business to get more involved.

2. Give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

When you give your customers a reason to keep coming back, they’re going to be more eager than ever to do so.

Here are some examples of reasons:

  • They can earn something nice in return for their loyalty. For example, if you sell seasonal products like Christmas trees or Easter baskets (or any other seasonal items), give them an opportunity at the end of each season where they’ll get a little something extra for being such loyal customers—maybe even an extra gift! This can be as simple as taking their picture with one of your holiday decorations or sending them home with free samples of new products that aren’t available anywhere else locally. It could also mean giving away tickets to future events where there will be discounts on food and drinks while supplies last; this way you’ll have another reason for people who already love shopping at your store just because they know there will always be something special coming up soon enough (as long as those things aren’t too expensive).
  • You’ll make money off these people who have been supporting what you do for a long time. If you have loyal customers, take advantage of them! They’ll be more willing to spend money on your products because they’re already familiar with what you have to offer and like it enough not to mind paying more than usual for it.
Keep your customers coming back
Keep your customers coming back

3. Reward loyal customers(for referring others).

You can reward loyal customers in two ways: by giving them special perks and privileges, or by giving them the chance to refer others.

For example, if you’re a restaurant that offers free food on Sundays and Mondays for customers who show up early, consider offering free appetizers to those who come in early on other days of the week as well.

Another option is to give rewards based on how long someone has been with you—for example, 10% off their next purchase after three months of being with your business. This will help keep customers coming back for more and spreading the word about what a great place it is!

4. Give away free items with multiple purchases

Another tried and tested method to reward loyal customers is to offer free items with multiple purchases. This will not only improve customer loyalty but will also encourage them to buy more repeatedly. Giving away free items with multiple purchases will help you increase sales, attract new customers, and encourage old customers to buy more. It can also be referred to as the buy one get one free approach where you state a certain number of items to be purchased to qualify for the free item. You should not use this method too often so that people do not start to doubt the quality of your products.

Reward Loyal customers
Reward Loyal customers

5. Personalize the experience.

Personalization is the process of creating a digital experience that’s relevant to your customer’s needs, goals and lifestyle. It can be as simple as making sure your website features images that appeal to the audience you want to attract or it could be providing them with access to information they need at precisely the right time.

The best way to personalize an experience is by using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter where you can target specific groups of people based on their interests, behaviours and demographics. You could also use email marketing campaigns; this allows businesses reach out directly with relevant offers (such as discounts) tailored specifically for each customer’s needs or desires.


6. Invite customers to a special event

You can reward loyal customers by offer free tickets to shows or send invites to your customers for specific events that you organize for them. Think about organizing a charity event or an annual end of the year event. Invite your customers so that you can interact with them and possibly get feedback that can help you improve your products. You can also allow them to bring friends and family along.

7. Ask for customer feedback

The feedback that customers give can help you improve your products or overall improve the quality of your service and customer interaction. Your customer will appreciate being able to give feedback on their experience while using your products. They could also have ideas that can be helpful in making certain product decisions. Be sure that you take their feedback and opinions seriously as well.

Customer loyalty is very important to businesses because it guarantees a certain percentage of your projected sales. In addition, a certain percentage of your sales projections will be met by having loyal customers. Then you can add other forms of marketing to attract new customers.

Loyalty helps businesses spend less on the cost of customer acquisition. When you retain more customers, then you have more loyal customers and by rewarding them, they are most likely going to keep buying from you. Overall, your business performance will improve.

Ask for customer feedback
Ask for customer feedback

8. Reach out via multiple channels.

  • Use email. Email is the most effective way to communicate with customers, especially those who are loyal to your brand. It’s also the easiest way to reach out, as you don’t have to worry about them seeing your message because they’ve already opened it up in their inbox.
  • Use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter—but don’t overdo it! You want people who are interested in what you’re doing on these platforms; not everyone will be interested in every single post that comes through their feed (or even click “like” on every post). That being said, if there’s something specific that interests them (such as a new product line or event), then go ahead and share those updates!
  • Online chat services like Slack offer another way for businesses of all sizes—from small boutiques making handmade goods from local artists to large corporations selling everything from branded apparel items made overseas via third-party factories—to communicate directly with customers without having them log into an app first thing each morning after waking up from bed.”
Reach out to customers
Reach out to customers

9. Make sure your brand voice is consistent.

You can’t have a brand voice if it’s not consistent. Consistency is key to the success of your business, so make sure you’re using one voice for all communication—from your website and social media posts, to in-person interactions with customers and employees. While there are no rules about what makes a good brand voice (other than being human), here are some things to consider:

  • Is it positive? Does it inspire confidence? And does it encourage interaction or action?
  • Is it friendly or respectful? If someone says something negative about their experience with your company, how do you respond? How would they expect you to respond if they were talking about themselves (not just their experience)


Now you know the basics of how to reward your customers and attract new ones, it’s time to get started! The key is to make sure that your marketing isn’t just about being useful or useful but rather about doing something for someone. Whether you want them to save money on groceries, get their child into a good school or just spend more time with friends at home (or away), we hope these insights will help you come up with creative ways to reach out and build loyalty in today’s world of social media.

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