5 Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make For A Great 2024!

The New Year is a time to think about what you want to accomplish and how you can achieve it. If you’re like most people, your mind starts racing with the possibilities of the year ahead—but it’s important to remember that your financial goals are just as important.

In fact, they’re even more important than those other things! So if you want to get ahead in 2023 (and beyond), here are five financial new year’s resolutions you should have at the top of your list by January 1.

Financial New Year’s Resolutions For You

1. Be realistic about your spending habits.

The first step towards a better financial future is to be realistic about your spending habits. This means understanding where your money is going, and how much you spend on food, entertainment, and other expenses.

Then consider what you really need vs. what you want—and try not to get carried away by impulse purchases or buying things for other people (or yourself).

It’s also important to remember that no one has all the answers; there will always be new things in life that could take up some of your time and energy, so it’s okay if those things come at a cost financially!

Just make sure that any new experiences don’t completely dominate your life or push aside other goals like saving money or investing wisely—if they do then maybe this isn’t meant for you after all…

2. Reduce your debt and build up an emergency fund.

An emergency fund is a savings account that allows you to live off of your income and not have to rely on credit cards, loans, or other forms of debt. It allows you the flexibility to handle any situation without having to use other people’s money.

The first thing you should do is create an emergency fund at least equal in size to six months’ worth of expenses. You should also make sure that this amount includes some money for unexpected costs such as health care expenses or car repairs (but don’t forget about these things).

If your goal is financial freedom, then consider building up this savings account slowly over time so that it becomes more realistic for you—and more important!—so that once it’s there, it’ll actually seem like no big deal because now everything seems possible again!

3. Save for retirement.

You should start saving as soon as possible, but don’t wait until you are older to do so. The longer you wait to start saving, the less money will be in your 401k at retirement (and if it is all gone by then, well…).

It’s crucial that you take advantage of any employer-sponsored retirement plan that comes with an employer match or incentive fee; otherwise, there will be no way for you to reach your target amount for retirement expenses in 2023!

Don’t forget about annuities! They can help make sure that money flows into your account without needing much effort on your part—and they’re worth considering even if they don’t seem like something very exciting right now (especially since they require ongoing payments until death).

4. Save for large expenses.

  • Save for a new car.
  • Save for a vacation.
  • Save for a home.
  • Save for a wedding (if you’re single).
  • Save for your own retirement and invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds if you want to go that route!

5. Review your budget every month.

A budget is a great way to see if you are spending within your means and make sure that you aren’t overspending on things like cable TV or eating out too much. It can also help show where there may be room for improvement, so after reviewing last month’s expenses, look at how much money was left over in order to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made this quarter.

If it turns out that there isn’t enough left over from the previous months’ spending, then maybe try cutting back on some of those expenses by putting off buying certain things until later in the year.

Or maybe even just increase how much savings each month while also making sure they aren’t going into debt!

Make sure you’re ready for 2023 by making these Financial New Year’s resolutions today!

Having a good financial footing takes work, but it’s well worth it. It will take time for you to get where you want to be in terms of your finances and your overall financial security. Don’t be discouraged if this happens right away; there are always ways that we can improve our situation over time!


Now that you know the best financial new year’s resolutions to make for a great 2023, get started today! You’ll be glad you did.

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