4 Helpful Tips on how to live freely as a freelancer

I have worked as a freelancer for most of my working years, and one of the things I know and have seen in other freelancers is that it is possible to live freely as a freelancer.

Not everyone can freelance, but I can’t imagine giving up the independence, adaptability, and entrepreneurial freedom it provides.

There will thus be (I hope) something in my personal experiences that you find valuable if freelancing is something you’ve chosen or just fell into, or if you’re just pondering the jump. If not right now, perhaps later.

Below are four ways you can live freely as a freelancer.

1. Plan your time.

If you already have a timetable, you merely need to review it and potentially make a new one as the first step. So that you still have a chance to unwind and rest each day, adjust your calendar to set aside time for work and “me time.” You cannot work nonstop because you will eventually burn out.

You must enusree you balance your life so well such that as much as you are given to freelancing you are also giving to every other important area of our life. Thiis will help you perform more productively in your freelancing because you need you emotional, financial, mental, spiritual, and health to function effectively as a freelancer.

2. Do a Financial check-in every other week

It is important to know where you stand financially as a freelancer from time to time, because, this will greatly inform and impact how you plan your finances and your budget generally. It helps you when you are getting broke and when you are in abundance.

Set a reminder for this every other week, and then quickly assess your financial situation. What causes you the most financial stress? Call the offender if the issue is late invoicing. If it’s having low rates, look into a market that pays more so you may charge what you’re worth.

Get moving if you have unopened mail and cheques that need to be deposited. You might feel more in charge of your freelancing business and live freely if you spend even a short amount of time mentally organising your finances.

3. Set Aside Time for Human interaction

It might be lonely working as a freelancer, especially if you do it from home. It’s normal to occasionally feel lonely when there are no coworkers or water cooler conversations. But you must keep human contact in your professional life, so:

Think about joining a coworking facility. This might help you stay in touch with other independent contractors and perhaps increase your output. Attend social gathering like freelancers meetups, creators events, hangout, invite your friends over for games and drinks if you can afford to.

Just ensure you keep up with interacting with human beings real time beyond social media and digital tools.

4. Spend with intention

What is the objective you are currently attempting to accomplish, and how can you use your resources appropriately? Do you need to invest more in training to be able to perform that sort of work or is it to obtain a different kind of employment?

Investing in the aesthetic of your website and design may assist you in drawing-in higher-paying clients if your goal is to win them over. Or perhaps the only objective is to live and continue growing in this field. (That’s really alright; if this is you)

Be deliberate about how you spend your money. I have seen independent freelancers who had the belief that the more you purchase new and trendy gadgets, the customers or clients will keep coming. It is a dangerous route to follow and it must be threaded with caution.

You can definitely live freely even if you don’t work 9 to 5 or work with a company that has a structured working culture. As long as you are mindful and intentional about your work and your life, you can definitely blaze trails and live freely as a freelancer in this age and time. I am rooting for you champ!