How to resolve conflict in a workplace professionally

Conflict is inevitable in people’s day-to-day life. We experience it with family, friends, spouses, and also in our workplace. In a place where there is more than one person, it is definitely unavoidable.

In the workplace, where a lot of people from different backgrounds, geographical locations, and viewpoints are hired, conflict is bound to happen. So as a business owner, you just have to figure out how to resolve the conflict.

It is important that you don’t go about firing them because that doesn’t actually tackle the issue, even if you hire someone else, it will still arise. So instead of trying to avoid them, why don’t you try to resolve and manage them in an effective manner?

How to resolve conflicts professionally

Here are some ways in which you can manage and resolve conflict in the workplace.

1. Discover the source of the conflict:

This is an important step in resolving conflict. You need to know what caused the dispute in the first place. Ensure you ask as many questions as possible to be able to define and tackle the situation on the ground, make your own investigation and ensure you understand the situation well enough to make an input.

2. Find a quiet and private place to talk:

Do not make the discussion in either of the parties involved office or a location near them. It is best to make the discussion in your office or a place that is secured. This will enable you all to have an honest and open-minded discussion.

3. Be a good listener and make sure everyone has their say:

As a business owner, you need to be a good listener. After you have found a secure place to talk, give each of them an opportunity to air out their views and reasons for the conflict, and give each of them an equal time to speak and express their thoughts without favouring anyone. Do not be biased. Make sure each person expresses themselves fully.

4. Make your own findings:

After listening to both parties, take your time to investigate the matter. Don’t just judge based on what they have told you, try to do your own findings. This will help you to judge right and tackle the issue from the root. You need to have enough information about the issue. Weigh out your findings with want each party had said, check if they all correlate before you make a decision.

5. Take action:

After you have discovered the cause of the conflict, talked to both parties and Carried out your own investigation, make a decision and act fast. Don’t waste time anymore on the issue, and don’t keep postponing your decision. Call both parties together and let them know what your decision is.

6. Look for ways to make your decision work out:

You have done your part in making a decision, and now you need to let both parties come to terms with your decision. You need to sit both parties down and discuss how to make it all work out. So that such issues won’t surface anymore in the workplace. Let both parties have their say in your decision and speak on the ways they believe they can make it work out.

7. Agree on the best solution and make sure everyone sticks to the agreement:

After making your decision now, and also listening to their take on your decision. Both parties have to devise a plan to make it all work out. And to agree on the best solution. Also make sure, that all the issues have been resolved and dealt with.

8. Communication:

After the whole issue has been resolved, leave room for communication among your employees. Open communication is key in a workplace where we have a lot of people. Where there is good communication, conflict could be eradicated.

Let there be good communication skills in the workspace, where everyone is free to express their opinions and views. This would make the workspace peaceful and healthy. It will also make the employees productive.

Conflict doesn’t have to be a regular issue in our workplace, it could be dealt with even before it surfaces. You just need to keep communicating with each other, and not hold on to a grudge for too long. If you have opinions that could help, let your employer know about them. Work peaceably with everyone, congratulate one other on their achievements and love one another.

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