Best platforms to find remote jobs in 2024

Are you looking to join the millions of people who work remotely? Are you looking for the best platforms to find these remote jobs? Then you are at your one-stop shop. You will find all your answers here.

The lockdown led to so many lifestyle shifts and many people including the typical 9 to 5ers are resigning from their jobs and embracing the remote work industry.

More and more individuals are choosing to work remotely, become digital nomads, and locate remote employment possibilities due to these changing lifestyles rather than applying for the typical 8 to 9-hour corporate positions.

This is why most people desire to know the best platforms they can find these remote jobs. The good news is that there are more than enough remote jobs these days.

6 best sites for remote jobs in 2022

Below are 6 best sites you can find remote jobs in 2022

Flex jobs

Flexjobs is regarded as the best platform for finding remote jobs globally in 2022. Although, it is a subscription-based platform, be assured that you will get value for your money. They offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships to view their hand-screened job ads.

It is a major career site that is loaded with valuable offers. Aside from the numerous guides, articles, and webinars available on their website, FlexJobs also provides free assistance to remote job seekers.

They feature over 50,000 businesses that currently have open positions. These are all divided into full-time and remote job opportunities, as well as industry divisions. From entry-level to senior and managerial positions, you may find them all, and the majority of them are remote and flexible.

Remote OK

As the name implies it is one of the platforms you can find over 240000 remote jobs as a Developer, Designer, Copywriter, Customer Support Rep, User Experience, etc.,

This website focuses on full-time tech-related employment, while you could discover a part-time position here and there. Since every position has a tag, candidates can more easily search for them.

There are several non-tech postings on the website as well. In addition to looking through positions, you can also browse remote businesses or utilize the “remote work statistics” option to find out about rapidly expanding industries to which you can apply.


You can also search for or browse through the list of remote jobs on (opens in a new tab). This website has a wide range of remote jobs ranging from tech roles to non-tech roles.

Customer service employment, design possibilities, developer positions, recruiter and HR positions, sales positions, and other online remote jobs are among the job categories and ads available (including writers, managers, and marketers).


In terms of contract volume, is one of the top sites for freelance work. Since 2009, the website has expanded to become the largest global marketplace for freelance jobs and employees.

It currently hosts millions of employers and freelancers who are dispersed throughout many different industries. This website offers a wide range of job opportunities for WordPress developers, site designers, content writers, software coders, online marketers, architects, attorneys, etc.


Fiver is one of the best platforms to use especially if you are just starting out as a remote worker. It is a great platform for getting your first job as a remote worker and developing a portfolio because it only has remote job options.

The website focuses on “gigs” or “micro-jobs,” such as Photoshop picture editing, Facebook ad creation, content writing, or coming up with article titles that would rank highly in search engines known as SEO writing.


Upwork is a fantastic resource for finding freelance and transient jobs. Making a profile will help you apply for each position. It’s vital to keep in mind that employers write comments on your account, therefore success on Upwork depends on your reputation.

This is one of the perks of Upwork that can become otherwise if you are not diligent enough. This is because your previous employers can give review and rating of your work on the platform and this will be used as a criterion for other employees who wants to hire you through the platform.

You can also offer a wide range of services on Upwork ranging from content writing, virtual assisting, project management, executive assistance, proofreading and copy editing, website design, etc.


A great platform for connecting a sizable remote talent pool with relevant companies is SkipTheDrive. This message board will serve as a fantastic starting point for professionals looking for the ideal work-from-home opportunity regardless of their professional backgrounds or degree of expertise.

They include tasks like customer support, accounting, development, and many more that are remote and may be done from home.

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