Lenco Banking App: Here is what your business can accomplish with mobile banking

Business banking on mobile

Yay, Lenco Mobile Banking App is now live on the Google playstore. Before now, you could only access your Lenco account through a web browser. We know that as a business person; you are often on the move but always with your phone. With Lenco App, you’ll always have access to your business banking and financial operations on the go.

We recently launched the Lenco Token App that helps you secure your transactions and keep your account safe from third-party access. Lenco App makes it super convenient for you to run your Lenco business account anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Lenco Mobile Banking App helps you to perform the same operation as you do on the web and it’s user-friendly.

With the Lenco Mobile Banking App, you can efficiently manage your business;

  • Check account balance.
  • See daily inflow and payout transactions (including pending transactions).
  • Make transfers and receive payments.
  • Approve or Decline payments.
  • Get in-app notification when a transaction occurs.
  • Create sub-accounts and a lot more coming.
Lenco Banking App


  • Do I need the internet to use the Lenco Mobile Banking app?
    Yes, you need the internet to make transactions on the Lenco app.
  • If I lose access to my phone what do I do?
    Login to your account on the web, go to security settings and click “Unlink Mobile App” or send a mail to [email protected] immediately.
  • What phone can the Lenco app be used on?
    Lenco mobile app works on all modern Android devices.
  • My device is not compatible with the app.
    Send a mail to [email protected] and our engineering team will be happy to assist you.
  • I have ideas on how Lenco can be safer.
    Send a mail to [email protected].