Bulk Transfer on Lenco: Here is what you can accomplish with it

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Making payments to hundreds of people efficiently at once and with no error is a tough task. Often, you may need to make payments to many people frequently. In order to save time and get on to other productive tasks that will keep your company running efficiently and effectively, you need something to ease that process. This payment process must be fast and error-free. This daunting task is known as bulk payment.
To solve this challenging task, we built a bulk payments solution. Employee salaries, vendor, and supplier payments are some types of bulk payments often made by businesses like yours.

Our bulk payment solution is a fast and reliable way to send money to multiple recipients. Simply upload a spreadsheet of up to 1,000 recipients, review and click the pay button. It’s that simple. OR Enter the details of the recipients as a single item which you can now process all the payments at once. You can edit any of the recipient details before you post the payment.

Upon uploading the spreadsheet for payment, you have the opportunity to review the entire list in a well-presented format on the bulk payment page, peradventure any of the recipient account details has issues, it is flagged and you can edit it. Lenco bulk transfer is an excellent way to make error-free payments to many recipients.

In conclusion, since business day-to-day operations involve making payments, it is ideal to seek ways to make that process efficient. Issues with making several payments in a day can be solved with our bulk transfers. If you own a business that makes a huge number of payments frequently, then open an account today in 10mins and you can make bulk transfers within 24hrs.