6 ways to grow your business 1

Business owners need to take practical steps in order to achieve growth in their business, building a business is challenging and it is even more challenging to set a path for the business growth. There are steps that business owners can take in order to ensure that their business is healthy and set on the right path to achieve growth.

To grow your business, you have to;

Know your customers: Get to know your customers in order to gain insight into fully understanding their needs and how you can personalize your products according to those needs. Some tools can help you with getting to know your customers; social media insight tools, for instance, give you information such as age groups, location, gender etc. of your customers (you can use this information to personalize your products according to their demographic) or you can simply ask your customers what they want.

Offer great customer service: Customers are happy when they get the support that they need before, during and after-sales. It is important to build an excellent customer service team that will strive to fully attend to customers’ needs. Your customers will possibly refer other people if they get a great customer service experience from you.

Work on your corporate social responsibility (CSR): Corporate social responsibility helps businesses build brand awareness. You can consider sponsorship or participation in community events or embark on building projects that will be useful to the community.  These will have an effect on how your business is perceived and can also help you attract new customers.

Network: Building relationships with other people will help your business in ways that are beyond your imagination. Via networking, you could get connected to people who will refer new customers to you or connect you suppliers that will give you quality raw materials at a better price for your business. As a business owner, you should not ignore the power of networking, attend events and build relationships!

Take advantage of Social media: The potential that social media carries are not quantifiable, you have access to customers beyond the four walls of your business. Social media gives you a platform where you can interact with your existing customers and even gain new ones. You get insight into customers’ behaviour, which will ultimately help you improve your business performance.


Pay Attention: You should pay attention to all the marketing activities and efforts that you put into your business, by doing that you are sure of what works or doesn’t work. With this knowledge, you can refine your approach and fine-tune processes to achieve the best results.

Maintain relationships with existing customers and strive to get new ones: You should not be only focused on getting new customers, you should maintain a relationship with the existing customers. Keep them up to date about your products and services; let them know about your promotional offers or the discounts you are offering on time.  You should also work on adding new customers to the existing customer base; create a balance between maintaining your relationship with existing customers and getting new ones.