5 Banks with the best credit cards in Nigeria in 2022

A credit card offers a flexible payment option that helps simplify your financial life, making it a highly useful tool for managing your daily expenditures. In Nigeria, building a strong credit history can assist you financially both now and in the future, in Nigeria, especially if you use it sensibly.

In this article, you will discover how credit cards work, the benefits of using Nigerian credit cards, and the banks with the best credit cards in Nigeria in 2022.

How Do Credit Cards Work?

A credit card is a small, rectangular piece of plastic or metal that is issued by a bank or other financial institution and enables its holder to borrow money to pay for products and services at businesses that accept credit cards.

Credit cards impose the need that cardholders repay the borrowed funds, plus any applicable interest and any other agreed-upon charges, in full or over time, either by the billing date or at a later date.

You can get a line of credit (amount of money) from your bank using a credit card. This credit may be used for online purchases, POS terminals, ATM withdrawals, and ATM card use.

In Nigeria, using a credit card makes it simple to obtain a loan while travelling. With credit cards, you may get a loan right at your fingertips without having to go to a bank, wait in line, or fill out several documents. It’s all included in a single credit card.

Benefits of Nigerian credit cards

  • Enjoy up to 45 days of interest-free credit and easy access to cash with a revolving line of credit.
  • Flexible repayment options with a 10% monthly minimum payback requirement.
  • Take advantage of incredible savings at partner hotels, eateries, lounge access, etc. throughout the world.
  • Use the internet to pay bills, hire a car, book a hotel, and conduct online shopping.
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs or conduct local or international transactions using terminals.

Best credit cards in Nigeria

There are several different categories of credit card issuers in existence today. VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are a few of them. Which is the best in Nigeria, is a factor of different things.

Some banks that provide the best credit cards in Nigeria

1. Standard Chartered Bank

One of the greatest credit cards in Nigeria is offered by Standard Chartered Bank, namely the Visa Gold and Visa Platinum Credit Cards. If you have a Visa Gold credit card, you get access to up to 5 additional cards for your family members.

Requirements and application procedure Applicants must be between the ages of 22 and 60. They must earn slightly more than N75,000 per month, and they must have a valid Nigerian identification number. To apply, click APPLY HERE and fill out a form.

2. First bank

You can make regular purchases, combine your borrowing, and establish a credit history with a First Bank credit card. First Bank offers three distinct credit card categories. They consist of:

The highest credit card offered by First bank Visa is called Visa Infinite. The next is the Naira credit card, and the next is Visa Gold.

3. Zenith bank

The Zenith bank Classic Credit Card is one of the best options for people seeking the convenience, adaptability, and global acceptance that credit cards provide. Additionally, you receive the increased protection that every Zenith Visa or MasterCard Credit Card offers.

4. GT bank

Given its versatility and multi-currency features, the GTBank credit card is regarded as one of the finest credit cards in Nigeria. The GTBank credit card, in contrast to the majority of cards, is directly connected to your bank account, meaning that any purchases you make may be linked back to your account statement or bank account. To apply for this card, go to the GTBank location that is closest to you.

5. Wema bank

Wema bank provides a Classic Wema Credit Card. The Wema Classic Credit Card is an exclusive card security platform that allows cardholders to enable their cards on a variety of payment channels, including ATM, POS, WEB, and international. It is denominated in Naira but is useable internationally. The Card Fee is N1,075, N200 per year, and N1075 for the re-issue fee.

According to research, having too many options really makes it harder for someone to act. Choosing the right credit card for you might be difficult with so many options accessible to clients, but you can make your decision from these options based on what works for you the most.